What’s the story

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What's happened so far?

Mindwave have been working with Mental Health Global Digital Exemplars and their fast followers, eg SLaM, Oxleas and Mersey Care, to develop “Open Electronic Health Records” that allow users access to their medical records and useful tools to help them manage their health and wellbeing.

Mindwave began working with SLaM in 2015 when their CIO, Stephen Docherty, took charge in 2015 and decided to redevelop their platform ‘myhealthlocker’.

Extensive research was conducted by Mindwave with over 600 users, including clinicians, service users and carers to create Healthlocker. Healthlocker is aimed at service users with any mental health condition who have received care at SLaM. The platform connects to the electronic Patient Journey System (ePJS), which is SLaM’s version of the EHR “Care Notes”.

This research, alongside some in-house research at Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust helped to inform the second version of the platform, this time named “Headscape”. Oxleas are a fast follower of SLaM and with a smaller budget, Mindwave were able to use Agile methodologies to develop a bespoke admin portal for them to onboard their users. Headscape is aimed specifically at children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), their parents and teachers, with messaging functionality available between them and the child’s clinician.

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Where are we now?

SLaM are currently adding new features to their platform before they complete the full roll out. Mersey Care are piloting their first version of the platform with a group of service users. Oxleas are already using their platform with children, parents and teachers. 

Mersey Care were the third NHS Trust to work with Mindwave to design and develop a PHR platform for their service users. The pilot of the Mersey Care’s minimum viable product (MVP) is in the pipeline for the first half of 2019 and will run with 40 service users over 8 weeks. The platform connects to two different EHR system - EMIS for community health, and RiO for mental health. It is the first version to connect to both physical and mental health systems.

Worcester Health and Care NHS Trust have most recently come on board. They are currently prioritising their requirements for the platform.

Mindwave attended the quarterly GDE event on the 23rd and 24th of January 2019, with numerous presentations and workshops to discuss the big picture of the project.

Check back here soon for an update from this event!

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Global Digital Exemplars (GDEs)

“A Global Digital Exemplar is an internationally recognised NHS provider delivering exceptional care, efficiently, through the use of world-class digital technology and information.

“Exemplars will share their learning and experiences to enable other trusts to follow in their footsteps as quickly and effectively as possible.

“NHS England is currently supporting selected digitally advanced mental healthacute trusts and ambulance trusts, who through funding and international partnership opportunities will become Exemplars over the next two to three and a half years.

“All Acute Global Digital Exemplars are now partnered with fast followers – trusts who will support the spread of best practice and innovation. Mental health Global Digital Exemplars will also partner with fast followers over the next year.

“Fast followers are supported by NHS England funding, matched locally, and will enable Global Digital Exemplars to establish proven models that can be rolled out across the NHS more broadly. In some cases, this will be sharing software or a common IT team. Others will adopt standard methodologies and processes.”

Extract from NHS England website