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Continuous collaboration

The GDEs are collaborating to create a new way of working within the NHS. What we learn from working on SLaM’s Healthlocker, for example, we can use to inform Mersey Care’s. When one team develops a new feature, all teams are entitled to use it. 

The long-term plan is to create a central PHR hub with developers, designers, data experts and project managers to manage all the PHR platforms. This team would be able to help support the Trusts who are involved, roll out new features from one Trust to another, fix bugs and advise on configurations.

The collaboration group met for the first time on the 23rd and 24th of January and plan to continue meeting as an expert working group as the project moves forward.

Check back here soon for an update from the meeting!

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Develop universal archetypes

Mindwave are setting up a dedicated team to work with the GDEs and other collaborators such as Marand who will work on providing users with access to their health data. This team will develop a set of universal archetypes that will be used across the board to store and display health data.

The current data issues within the sector mean that service users and clinicians alike find it challenging to access the right health data at the right time. The data are held by a multitude of organisations across the country which means that data doesn’t always get filled in correctly, and is difficult to migrate and share across platforms.

By creating universal archetypes, data could be pushed and pulled via API to any relevant health or wellbeing platform to provide users with their own health data in places that could use it. Additionally, the future could show the ability to push data back into clinical systems to create rich and informative patient data for clinicians, researchers and AI systems to utilise.

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Roll out more GDE platforms

SLaM, Oxleas and Mersey Care have paved the way with extensive research and testing. The next step is to roll out the platform to the other GDE NHS Trusts and their 12 fast followers. Each GDE can bespoke their platform, and tailor it to their specific audience with discovery work from Mindwave.

Worcester are already on board and have started work.

Certain configuration capabilities will be available to each NHS Trust using the content management system (CMS). Additionally, Mindwave will work with each GDE that wants to develop their own PHR platform to make sure it meets their individual needs and the needs of their audience.

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