Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Open EHR?

EHR stands for “Electronic Health Record”. And EHR is a digital version of a patient’s medical records. Different NHS Trusts use different EHR platforms.

The “Open EHR” project is aimed at creating open source data platforms so that authorised people (the patient and the clinician) can access those medical records - and other health data - in a safe and accessible way, across multiple locations.

Why does this need to happen?

Currently different Trusts use different systems. This means that data is stored in different ways across the country. It also means that sometimes, data might be entered in the wrong place, and so extracting it can be difficult.

What is a PHR?

A PHR is a “Personal Health Record”. It is a platform that Mindwave have been developing alongside a number of NHS Trusts to allow users to access their health data, and manage their own health and wellbeing via an app.


What is a GDE?

“A Global Digital Exemplar is an internationally recognised NHS provider delivering exceptional care, efficiently, through the use of world-class digital technology and information.”

This information is an extract from the NHS England website, where you can read more about GDEs >


How many trusts are involved?

So far, there are 4 Trusts already working with Mindwave:

• South London & Maudsley
• Oxleas
• Mersey Care
• Worcester

There are also conversations happening with a number of other GDEs and fast followers across the UK.


What is a fast follower?

“Each Global Digital Exemplar has selected one (or occasionally two) trusts to partner with to accelerate their digital maturity. In some cases, this will be sharing software or a common IT team. Others will adopt standard methodologies and processes. Fast followers are supported by NHS England funding and will enable Global Digital Exemplars to establish proven models that can be rolled out across the NHS more broadly.”

This information is an extract from the NHS England website, where you can read more about fast followers.