Designing Open Electronic & Personal Health Records


This project aims to create easier access to health data for patients and clinicians. The personal health record (PHR) is used to store data generated and input by the patient to support self management and to share with clinical teams and carers.

Each PHR connects to the relevant electronic health record (EHR) to pull data into a user friendly interface. Future iterations could allow user generated data to be pushed back into the open EHR.


Mindwave believe that everyone should have access their own health data.


We are working with a number of NHS Trusts, including South London and Maudsley (SLaM), Oxleas and Mersey Care, and health technology agencies across the UK and Europe to make this happen.


What's the story?

What's happened so far

What’s happened so far?

Mindwave have been working with Mental Health Global Digital Exemplars and their fast followers, eg SLaM, Oxleas and Mersey Care, to develop “Open Electronic Health Records” that allow users access to their medical records and useful tools to help them manage their health and wellbeing.

Where are we now image

Where are we now?

SLaM are currently adding new features to their platform before they complete the full roll out. Mersey Care are piloting their first version of the platform with a group of service users. Oxleas are already using their platform with children, parents and teachers. 

GDE image

Global Digital Exemplars (GDES)

“A Global Digital Exemplar is an internationally recognised NHS provider delivering exceptional care, efficiently, through the use of world-class digital technology and information.”

Platform Demos

SLaM - healthlocker

The above video shows South London and Maudsley’s (SLaM’s) version of the platform, Healthlocker, from the point of view of a service user. Healthlocker’s website is also live, with useful tips and stories from service users.

Mersey Care - PHR

The above video shows a click through of Mersey Care’s platform, currently being called “PHR” whilst a name is decided throughout the pilot phase. This video shows the platform from the point of view of a service user.

What's next?

Continuous collaboration image

Continuous collaboration

The GDEs are collaborating to create a new way of working within the NHS. What we learn from working on SLaM’s Healthlocker, for example, we can use to inform Mersey Care’s. When one team develops a new feature, all teams are entitled to use it. 

Universal Archetypes image

Develop universal archetypes

Mindwave are setting up a dedicated team to work with the GDEs and other collaborators such as Marand who will work on providing users with access to their health data. This team will develop a set of universal archetypes that will be used across the board to store and display health data.

Roll out image

Roll out more platforms

SLaM, Oxleas and Mersey Care have paved the way with extensive research and testing. The next step is to roll out the platform to the other GDEs and their 12 fast followers. Each GDE can bespoke their platform, and tailor it to their specific audience with discovery work from Mindwave.

Who's involved?


Get involved

If you want to get involved in the Open EHR conversations, whether you work for an NHS Trust, in the health and technology industry, or have an interest in health data, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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